Susan Rice brings shame and dishonor to the United States (video)

The speech given by U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice today at Meles Zenawi’s funeral was full of lies that she brought dishonor and shame to the United States. Her speech was also an insult to the people of Ethiopia who have been terrorized by her friend, the late dictator Meles Zenawi. Even his own wife Azeb Mesfin did not try to portray Meles a messiah. Let’s look at briefly the record of what Susan described as a great, brilliant leader, a savior of Ethiopia and Africa: Meles Zenawi turned Ethiopia from a 3rd world country into a 4th or 5th world country where he himself could not get medical treatment. Under Meles’s 21-years of rule, Ethiopia has one of the highest unemployment rate. Ethiopia continues to be one of the top ten poorest countries in the world. Ethiopia under Meles has the lowest per capita usage of the internet in Africa, even worse that the stateless Somalia. Over ten million Ethiopian children are terribly malnourished. Over 30% of Ethiopia’s budget is covered by aid from the U.S. and EU. Without $3 billion in annual assistance for donor nations, Meles Zenawi’s regime could not have lasted 6 months. And worst of all, Meles Zenawi is a genocidal dictator who burned entire villages in Ogaden, committed atrocities in Gambella, leased millions of hectares fertile Ethiopian land to foreign investors at basement bargain prices, displaced 2 million Somalians, incited ethnic and religious clashes, ordered the killings of pro-democracy protesters, made torture a common practice in Ethiopian prisons, to mention just some of his misdeeds and crimes. Meles’s hands are soaked with the blood of countless innocent Ethiopians and Somalians. It is this mass murderer, thug, mental midget, scumbag that Susan Rice portrayed as an angel in her speech at his funeral today. Listen below: