Susan Rice, you are the idiot

Ambassador Susan Rice, who led the U.S. delegation to Ethiopian dictator Meles Zenawi’s funeral on Sunday, has said this:

Of course he had little patience for fools, or idiots, as he liked to call them.”

There is no doubt that she was referring to Meles’s opponents, the opposition groups.

Susan Rice, you are the one who is idiot to have been fooled by a riffraff, tinpot dictator like Meles Zenawi. May be you have not been fooled at all. May be you wanted to be fooled, as the great Ana Gomez, member of the European Parliament, and a true champion of freedom, has described individuals like you who promote dictators around the world. You are a lost case, so there is no need to try to educate you about who Meles was. But your bosses at the State Department and the While House might want to know. Here it is:

1. Meles was leader of a rebel group, TPLF, that used to kidnap foreigners for ransom. In the definition of the U.S. Government, that would make him a terrorist. [read]

2. Meles was engaged in a war of mass terror and genocide in Gambela and Ogaden. This makes him a genocidal dictator. [read here, here, and here]

3. Meles ordered his security forces to shoot and kill pro-democracy protestors in 2005. This makes him a mass murderer. [read here]

We can list thousands of similar crimes that have been committed by Meles Zenawi, but the above 3 alone would have been enough to bring him to justice. It is this dictator whose hands are soaked with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians that Susan Rice referred to us a dear friend.

Shame on President Obama for sending this morally bankrupt person to represent the United States of America and insult the people of Ethiopia. You can stop counting on the 50,000+ Ethiopian votes in Virginia, which is one of the must-win states for you.