EPRDF meeting adjourned without agreement

The Ethiopian ruling party EPRDF that is made up of 4 organizations held its executive committee meeting on Tuesday, but the meeting was adjourned after the 35 participants failed to agree on a number of issues.

The TPLF was represented by 8 individuals (minus Meles Zenawi), while the other parties, OPDO, SEPDM, and ANDM were represented by 9 members each.

The now leaderless TPLF tried to add a new member in place of Meles, but the other parties, who are becoming increasingly assertive, refused saying that the TPLF must conduct a new election to replace Meles according to the rules.

Hailemariam Desalegn’s appointment as prime minister was not raised at yesterday’s meeting, according to Ethiopian Review sources, but he is said to have the strong backing of OPDO, SEPDM and ANDM.

Yesterday is said to be the first time that the other 3 parties challenged TPLF on any issue. Even though TPLF is not in control of the EPRDF any more, it still controls the security apparatus and the military. The trouble for the TPLF is that those who are in control of the security apparatus such as DebreTsion Gebremichael are more technocrats than politicians who lack the political maneuvering skills that Meles had.

The state-run ETV lied, as expected, that the EPRDF meeting discussed the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

Author and journalist Tesfaye Gebreab has more details on the meeting. read here.

In a further sign of division, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has now started to address Hailemariam Desalegn as ‘acting prime minister,’ while other ministries continue to refer to him as deputy prime minister. See a screen shot of the MOA website below [click on the image to enlarge].

EPRDF Executive Committee
1. Meles Zenawi, TPLF
2. Abay Woldu, TPLF
3. Dr Tewodros Adhanom TPLF
4. Tewodros Hagos, TPLF
5. Tsegaye Berhe, TPLF
6. Debretsiyon Gebremikeal, TPLF
7. Azeb Mesfine, TPLF
8. Beyene Mikru, TPLF
9. Abadi Zemo, TPLF
10. Hailemariam Desalegn, SEPDM Chair
11. Shiferawu Shigute, SEPDM Deputy Chair
12. Redwan Husen, SEPDM
13. Ambassader Teshome Toga, SEPDM
14. Mekuria Haile, SEPDM
15. Alemayehu Assefa, SEPDM
16. Debebe Abera, SEPDM
17. Dr Shiferaw Teklemariam, SEPDM
18. Tagese Chafo, SEPDM
19. Demeke Mekonnen, ANDM Chair
20. Gedu Andargachew, ANDM
21. Addisu Legese, ANDM
22. Bereket Simon, ANDM
23. Ayalew Gobeze, ANDM
24. Kassa Tekleberhan, ANDM
25. Tefera Derbew, ANDM
26. Binalf Andualem, ANDM
27. Berhan Hailu, ANDM
28. Alemayehu Atomsa, OPDO Chair
29. Muktar Kedir, OPDO
30. Zelalem Jemaneh, OPDO
31. Girma Biru, OPDO
32. Abadula Gemeda, OPDO
33. Kuma Demekisa, OPDO
34. Sofiyan Ahimed, OPDO
35. Diriba Kuma, OPDO
36. Abdulaziz Mehamed, OPDO