SVT released additional video exposing the orchestrated arrest of two Swedish journalists in Ethiopia

(SVT) — Yesterday SVT showed video as an evidence that the arrest of Swedish journalists in Ethiopia was staged. Now we can show even more pictures from the interrogations. (Warning: GRAPHIC IMAGES)

In the new the latest video, one can see how Martin Schibbye during a hearing was forced to show the contents of his luggage item by item: vitamin-c tablets, mobile phones, batteries, passport, camera equipment, press card …

“This is a bag to carry things in. This is my Swedish passport. This is my mobile phone” … he says in the film.

It is unclear how long after the arrest of the two Swedish journalists the video was recorded, but according to SVT’s source, the two were in custody for several days before the video was recorded.

In one sequence in the video, sounds a round is heard in the background during the interrogation of Schibbye who then jerks and looking in the direction the sound is coming from.

In another, one of the soldiers says to Martin Schibbye that his colleague Johan Persson has been duped into believing that Schibbye have been killed.

“He thinks you’re dead, someone says in the film.”

“Then he will be happy when he sees me. Resurrected,” … answers Schibbye and rises.

SVT’s informant is a former Ethiopian government official then responsible for the video footage that was taken by the Swedes arrested.

An uncut original video that SVT came across shows that the arrest is orchestrated by the Ethiopian regime military. Alleged rebels of the Ogaden province is waiting for the recording to begin.

A corpse with bullet holes in the head is shown in the video, but according to SVT’s informant, the was transported to the place as props.

The Swedes were seriously injured

The Swedes, who were injured in the arrest, were denied professional care and subjected, despite their health condition, to lengthy interrogations by Ethiopian military.

In one of the video sequences, an interview with Johan Persson, where he receives orders on how he should behave.

“Sit properly! Brush the dust off his pants! said the interrogator.”

On Thursday, SVT will an extraordinary documentary about Johan Persson and Martin Schibbye. The documentary is a review of the game played against the imprisoned Swedish journalists.

“We have access to a unique material and shocking information that was not previously known,” says Nils Hanson, Project Manager at Mandate Review.