Massacre in Qorile village, eastern Ethiopia

The TPLF regime army in Ethiopia has summarily executed the following Ethiopians at Qurile village, in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia on September 6, 2012. Their names have been compiled from eyewitnesses who have escaped the massacre. Many civilians in the village are missing. This is the second time that the TPLF junta carried out mass executions in Qorile.

1- Faysal Irshad Awlad
2- Mowliid Haasan Abdi
3- Mohamed Guled Ali
4- Abdirahman Guled
5- Hinod Shekh Abdi
6- Ayan Abd Haji His
7- Farah Ali Goh
8- Surer Abdi Qate
9- Saynab Abshir Aw-ali
10- Ugaso Ma’alin Umar
11- Asho Nado Janagale
12- Iido Shekh Abdi Usmaan
13- A six years old who was with Iido
14- Farah Yusuf Khalif ( nicknamed Farah-Dhonbe)
15- Abdi Guled Ali
16- Fadumo Guled Ali
17- Khadar Ahmed Guled and her child

Massacre in Qorile village, Ethiopia