TPLF judges confiscate properties of political prisoners

ESAT reported today that a TPLF-dominated kangaroo court in Ethiopia has ordered the confiscation of properties that belong to political prisoners Andualem Aragie and Eskinder Nega.

Tomorrow, Friday, the new prime minister of Ethiopia will be sworn in and on the eve of this important event, the TPLF judges decide to confiscate properties that belong to the most prominent prisoners of conscience in the country. Any one with an average intelligence can understand that this is done by those evil Woyanne judges to undermine Hailemariam Desalegn. After 20 years of deceit and trickery, now every one understands how TPLF operates. Only a dimwitted person buys their cheap tactics any more.

There are already some signs that the TPLF junta has started working to sabotage the new prime minister. Two days ago, for example, they were distributing a letter among OPDO members questioning the legitimacy of Hailemariam’s election. The letter was supposedly written by OPDO members, but we know who is really behind it.

The people of Ethiopia must unite and protect the new prime minister against TPLF’s sinister plot to return to power. As long as the security and the military is in the hands of mass murderers like Debretsion Gebremichael, Samora Yenus, and Saere Mekonnen, every atrocity that is being committed, every injustice that is being committed against the people of Ethiopia should be attributed to them, not to Hailemariam.

If TPLF succeeds in overthrowing Hailemariam and come back to power, we Ethiopians are the biggest fools in the planet.