ESAT is back on air Ethiopia

Addis Ababa residents confirmed to Ethiopian Review that ESAT is back on air. ESAT also issued the following press release:

ESAT has finalizing testing and is back on air in Ethiopia through New Horn TV.

ESAT Management would like to announce that it has resumed its satellite TV program transmission to
Ethiopia and neighbouring countries thru New Horn TV.

For the past few days the signal has been successfully tested. The details are as follows:

NEW HORN TV Satellite
Eutelsat 7 West
Frequency: 10815 MHz
Polarity: Horizontal
Symbol Rate: 27.5 MB or 27500
FEC 5/6

ESAT Management would like to encourage all viewers and ESAT supporters all around the world to
send the information to friends and family in Ethiopia as well as provide feedback on the quality of the
transmission and reception. @ +15713051637.

ESAT Management
[email protected]