Well-known patriot Shambel Zewdu Ayalew joins ENTC

A great Ethiopian patriot Shambel Zewdu Ayalew joins the Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) as an adviser.

Shambel Zewdu was elected as a member of Ethiopian parliament representing Gondar in 2005, but when the Woyanne junta stole the election, he refused to join the parliament and went into the bushes to fight for the Ethiopian people’s right to choose their own government through the ballot box. In that regard, he is an authentic Ethiopian hero and patriot who stood firm on his principles and paid enormous personal sacrifices while others betrayed their people for crumbs.

Last month, Shambel Zewdu arrived in Uganda and he is now assisting ENTC with building its organizational structure inside Ethiopia and neighboring countries, according to the ENCT leadership.

ENTC has also revealed that it will convene its second general assembly in the first week of this coming February and that preparations are currently underway.