Semayawi Party’s peaceful demonstration blocked by heavily armed police (update, photos)

11:05 AM: Semayawi Party’s peaceful demonstration is blocked with brute force by the US/EU/World Bank-financed lawless regime in Ethiopia. When the regime’s thugs started to beat up and detain Semayawi Party’s young activist, the leaders have decided to call off the demonstration and return to the office. The darkness over Ethiopia continues.

Semayawi Party chairman Yilkal Getinet speaks at the protest rally
Yilkal Getinet

11:00 AM: Undercover police started to detain some of the protesters. They are also confiscating mobile phones from the protesters. Semayawi Party leaders are still arguing with the security forces.

Federal Police truck drives through protesters
Semayawi Party

10:40 AM: Semayawi Party leaders are talking with the security forces where they are blocked off at Arat Kilo. They are explaining to them their constitutional right to hold a peaceful demonstration.

Semayawi Party protest rally in Addis Ababa, Sept. 22, 2013

10:30 AM: Semayawi Party leaders and activists are now surrounded by heavily armed police and soldiers. Roads to Meskel Square are blocked off. Peaceful protesters are being threatened by machine-gun-wielding security forces.

10:12 AM: There is an extremely heavy security presence at Meskel Square. They have orders to block the protesters from entering the Square.

Blue Party protest in Ethiopia

10:00 AM: People are flocking to Meskel Square from different directions. Some of them are carrying posters and placards that read: Free Reyot Alemu! Free Eskender Nega! Free Andualem! Free Abubaker! Free Bekele! We want to live in peace! We want to live in Freedom!

Semayawi Party protest, Addis Ababa, September 22, 2013

Semayawi Party protest in Addis Ababa, Sept. 22, 2013

9:50 AM (Addis Ababa time): Semayawi Party activists and protest organizers are now leaving the party’s office and heading towards Meskel Square.

8:00 AM (Addis Ababa time): Members and leaders of Semayawi Party gather at the party headquarters in preparation for today’s demonstration.

Semayawi Party  protest

Semayawi Party