ESFNA Condemns the Brutal Treatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

November 12, 2013
ESFNA Condemns the Brutal Treatment of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) strongly condemns the killing and brutal treatment of Ethiopians by the Saudi Arabia authorities. In as much as the Saudi Arabian government has the right to regulate its immigration policies; it needs to do so in accordance with International Bill of Human Rights by respecting the human rights of documented and undocumented migrant and domestic workers on its soils. The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America has been monitoring the frequent mistreatment and abuse of Ethiopian citizens and especially Ethiopian women residing in Saudi Arabia for a while now. However the recent chain of events that has resulted in the brutal killings, beatings of many peaceful demonstrators by Saudi police and nationals and the gang raping of Ethiopian women is unspeakable, barbaric and shameful!
The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America and its affiliated clubs across North America condemn the actions of the Saudi government in the strongest terms. ESFNA calls on the Ethiopian government to severe ties with the Saudi government and order its ambassador to leave the country immediately. As the majority of our members are citizens of Untitled States and Canada, we call upon President Obama and Prime Minister Harper to intervene on behalf of the helpless Ethiopians to stop the suffering. We also request the United Nations, African Union, and all human rights organizations to immediately intervene to stop the inhuman treatment of all immigrants in Saudi Arabia.

May the God of Moses find the means for our Ethiopian brothers and sisters to scape this brutal treatment at the hands of barbaric people on the Arabian Peninsula and lead them to a place where they can live in peace. Ethiopia shall rise again!

Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA): Bringing Ethiopians Together
ESFNA prides itself in creating a unique stage where Ethiopians of all backgrounds, ethnicity, religions and political convictions can come together to celebrate our long enduring unique heritage and diversity that has become our strength through the millenniums. Our goal and vision over the past 30 years has been to maintain ESFNA’s annual festivities as the only place where ALL Ethiopians and supporters can come together once a year to create our own mini Ethiopia in the land of our refuge.
Founded in 1984, ESFNA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote the rich Ethiopian culture and heritage as well as building positive environments within Ethiopian-American communities in North America. Its mission is Bringing Ethiopians Together to network, support the business community, empower the young by providing scholarships and mentoring program, primarily using soccer tournaments, other sports activities and cultural events as vehicles. ESFNA, by virtue of its status is non-political, non-religious and non-ethnic. We adhered to this position all along as legally expected and aligned with our bylaws.