How to destroy Woyanne

Currently Ethiopians are the most pitied, humiliated, abused and disgraced people in the world. The source of all these ills is Woyanne, and we are the enablers. Why are the tens of thousands of Ethiopians who live in Saudi Arabia being abused, tortured, raped and killed? It is because Woyanne made Ethiopia a hell on earth for most Ethiopians. Ethiopian immigrants around the world are subjected to unspeakable abuse because there is no one to stand up for them. Woyanne and its Saudi financiers are tormenting, brutalizing, and humiliating us because we have made it possible for them to do so. It is because most of those in our society who are in the position of leadership — be it in politics, religion, business, academia, or media — have failed to provide leadership. There is a total breakdown of leadership in the Ethiopian society.

If the Ethiopian elite feels the shame and decides to start taking responsibility, there are some concrete actions that we can take to protect our people. See here for more details, but some of the basic and most effective actions we can take right away include:

  1. Boycott Woyanne cash cows such as Ethiopian Airlines. Use Emirates, Lufthansa and other airlines if you have to travel to Ethiopia. No rights! No flights! [read more]
  2.  Boycott Woyanne-owned businesses.
  3. Sabotage and disable Woyanne-controlled companies.
  4. Delay or do not pay taxes to Woyanne.
  5. Call for nationwide work slow down in government offices and departments.
  6. Confront, challenge, and socially ostracize Woyanne members and supporters every where.

Parallel to waging the above listed civil resistance activities, let’s come together to establish a transitional government in exile.

We do not necessarily need to engage in a shooting war with Woyanne to free Ethiopia from its death grip. If we are able to dry up Woyannes sources of income, it will not have the money to pay its spies and death squads. Its machinery of repression will collapse. If we are not able to withdraw support to Woyanne and drying up its sources of income, we all are condemning ourselves and our people to perpetual abuse, subjugation, slavery and national dishonor.

Whether Woyanne will continue to perpetrate its crimes against Ethiopians is up to us the citizens. Every Ethiopian who flies Ethiopian Airlines is contributing to the suffering of those young Ethiopian girls and boys in Saudi Arabia. Every Ethiopian who travels to Ethiopia to lease land from Woyanne is condemning his/her fellow Ethiopians to modern day slavery. Let’s take action. Let’s starve to the Woyanne beast to death.