Destroying the burial sites of Ethiopian patriots

The TPLF tribal junta is destroying a large portion of the historic Holy Trinity Church cemetery in Addis Ababa after digging out and dumping in mass graves thousands notable Ethiopian patriots who fought in Adwa and other wars. Ethiopian Review is investigating the destruction of Holy Trinity cemetery and what we are discovering so far is shocking. This is done in the name of development. The 800-year old Waldeba Monastery is also being destroyed in the name of development — for Al Amoudi to grow and export sugar to Saudi Arabia. The question is: whose development?

The who’s who of Ethiopian nobility and patriots are buried at the Holy Trinity and St. Joseph cemeteries. Destroying these national treasures is part of the TPLF junta’s program to rewrite Ethiopia’s proud history and dishonor the past leaders who have made Ethiopia once the pride of Africa and all black people of the world.

Among Ethiopian heroes and patriots who are buried at Holy Trinity and St. Joseph include Abune Petros, Emperor Haileselassie, Prof. Asrat Woldeyes, and many others. Holy Trinity is also where Sylvia Pankhurst, the English woman who helped Ethiopia during Fascist Italian invasion, is buried.

[The grave of Dej. Kebede Tessema, one of the thousands of Ethiopian patriots and nobility who are buried at the Holy Trinity cemetery]
Holy Trinity cemetery Addis Ababa Dej Kebede Tessema grave