In Memory of Teddy Mitiku – by Meseret Agonafer

By Meseret Agonafer

2013-12-27_135739My heart is heavy for the loss of my dear friend Tewodros Mitku. I have known Teddy for over 20 years, and through the years, we built a strong friendship. Yes, he was a brilliant saxophonist and legendary Ethiopian artist who is loved and admired by so many people. His loss is deeply felt in the Ethiopian community worldwide. But Teddy was more than an entertainer and artist. Let me tell you a little bit of the Teddy I came to know and love.

I was Teddy’s biggest music fan, and as such, I frequently went to wherever he performed. I would find a front seat to watch his never failing, brilliant performance. He was always graceful, and happy to see me also. During break he would come and sit next to me. We would poke fun at each other and laugh endlessly. He would play every song I request, and did it with a big smile. He was always a pleasant person to be around. My husband and all members of my family enjoyed his company and friendship.

Teddy was also my confidante. We shared our life experiences, both the good and bad. Often he talked about the center of his universe—his daughter. He wanted to be strong for her and did everything a father could do to love, provide for and nurture her. His caring and loving memories will help his precious daughter to get through this difficult time.

I want my dear friend Teddy to be remembered not only for his musical talent, but for the love of his God, country, family and friends.

On this occasion, I want to offer my deepest condolences to his equally talented brother Teshome Mitiku. I have no doubt Teshe will carry on the torch for his loving brother Teddy and keep his memories alive.

May my kind and gentle friend, Teddy, rest in peace.

May God give his grieved family comfort, strength and peace.