Abune Mathias arrested

Abune MathiasThe TPLF-installed illegal patriarch in Ethiopia, Abune Mathias, has been temporarily placed under arrest and was released after being interrogated for 72 hours by Tsegaye Berhe, National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, and other security officials, according to Ethiopian Review sources in Addis Ababa.

Leaders of the TPLF junta are apparently upset with statements that have been uttered by Abune Mathias over the past 3 weeks that were critical of the tribal regime. In one particular meeting, Abune Mathias was heard saying that much of the problems facing the church are caused by the ruling party.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church’s administration in Addis Ababa is currently paralyzed by a growing leadership crisis. Many church leaders are in open revolt and have refused to take orders from the Holy Synod.