Abune Mathias is being investigated for corruption; his movements restricted

Abune MathiasAbune Mathias, the TPLF-installed patriarch of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia, has been informed that he is being investigated for corruption, according to Ethiopian Review sources in the Church.

Investigating perceived and real political opponents is TPLF’s standard mode of operation.

It is also reported that the Abune was instructed by Tsegaye Berhe, National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, to limit his travel to certain areas.

The fallout between the ruling party and Abune Mathias ensued after an accusation by the Abune at a recent meeting that the government is responsible for the crisis that has engulfed the Orthodox Church’s leadership.

Abune Mathias was installed as patriarch because the TPLF junta had assumed that his Tigrean ethnic origin would assure them his loyalty.