Ethiopian Orthodox Church takes roots in Ghana

Ghana FlagThe Ethiopia Orthodox Tewahedo Church will take roots in Ghana with the establishment of a branch of the church in Ghana after the acceptance of a fact-finding report that recommends that it is apt to have the church in the country.

When approval is given, a priest and a monk will be sent to the country to take charge of the liturgy and spiritual needs of the community of a deacon, baptised and non-baptised members of the church.

In an interview with Public Agenda, KesTesfa Michael, a priest of the Ethiopia Tewahedo Orthodox Church who came to the country to undertake the fact-finding, said, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the report that he would submit to the Archbishop of the Continent of Africa, AbunaYacob, would lead to the setting up of the Ghana branch of the church. Kes Michael was sent to the country by Archbishop of the Diocese of England, Abuna Enthons. Continue reading