Robbery disguised as progress: TPLF evicting residents of landmark Addis neighborhoods

Residents of  Kazanchis, American Gibi, Teklehaimanot, Kirkos, Dejach Wube Sefer, given just 3 weeks to evacuate; land sold to developers.

By Wudeneh Zenebe | Ethiopian Reporter

April 26, 2014


Google Map of Addis Ababa

Google Map of Addis Ababa


The Addis Ababa City Administration urged city residents in some of the oldest neighborhoods in city, such as Kazanchis, American Gibi and Teklehaimanot, to relocate their residential quarters within 20 days from a total of 1,200 hectares of land, hitherto earmarked for the Local Redevelopment Program (LRDP).

Residents who received the urgent notice include residents in Kazanchis, Teklehaimanot areas and Lideta areas. In addition, the city administration identified a list of places such as American Gibi, Addis Ketema Sub city, places around the African Union, neighborhoods in Kirkos Sub city and the famous Dejach Wube Sefer located in Arada Sub city, once well-known for being a red light district and disco street.

The administration also disclosed that it is preparing to evict thousands of resident from places like Teklehaimanot and stretched up to Wabi Shebelle hotel.

According to information obtained from the administration, its plan was to clear over 1,200 hectares of land for the redevelopment program in 2013/14.

It was also learnt that out of the stated area, some 40 hectares will be up for leasing and investors immediately.

Before the end of the budget year, 26 hectares of land around Kazanchis that covers the areas from Intercontinental to Yordanos Hotels extending to Bambis Supermarket to Saint Urael Church until taxi stops to Arat Kilo are selected for the redevelopment. Residents of this locality are among the people who have received their relocation orders this week.

Similarly, another 33 hectares is also under the same project that extends from Teklehaimanot to Hotel D’Afrique, while 15 hectares is on the other list that covers the neighborhood behind the AU where AU is undertaking its expansion projects.

However, Deputy head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Land Development and Urban Renewal Agency, Girma Birhanu, told The Reporter that furnishing relocated residents with condominium houses is the main existing challenges to implement the redevelopment process.

It was also noted that the city administration is building some 16,000 condominium houses around Bole Bulbula area to be handed over to residents.