Our beautiful sister Tersit

Tersit Agonafer_184319Tersit Agonafer, my older sister, was a beautiful, smart and caring person. Her family was everything to her – her two children, parents, siblings and extended family. As a daughter, she was dedicated to her mother and took great care of her until she passed away.

I have many great memories of her. As youngsters, my father would take Fantu, Tersit, Yeworkwuha (my beautiful cousin who passed away last year) and myself to the movies; and on holidays, we enjoyed going to Gashe Teshome’s house, my late maternal uncle. Tersit’s brilliance as a student was evident from early on as she skipped a class in fourth grade. She surely was a role model for all young people but especially women who at the time were not afforded as much opportunities as men in education. She was fun loving and had a great appetite for learning and discovering new things. I remember she used to carry a notebook with hand-written lyrics of many classic western songs of which she would share with me at times to my great delight.

2014-05-31_182648Tersit was a truly accomplished professional as exemplified in her long and distinguished career at Ethiopian airlines. As well articulated by Meseret and Hirut, her country first attitude, integrity and dedication to her job were some of her defining characteristic. She steadily rose through the ranks at Ethiopian airlines and along with many of her equally dedicated colleagues helped it become one of Africa’s best.

Due to the nature of her job, she travelled extensively and frequently visited her many siblings who had immigrated to the US including myself. We enjoyed those visits tremendously and allowed us to catch up and reminisce about our childhood. Her signature smile and positive attitude was very genuine and contagious no matter one’s mood. We will miss all the laughter and her precious smile.

For this is a journey we all must take, and each must go alone; it’s all a part of the Master’s plan. As we are sad she will not be here physically with us, we are heartened to know it is a step on the road to meet her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We love you and miss you Tersit, rest in peace.

Tersit Agonafer passed away on May 27, 2014

Dereje on behalf of The Agonafer Family


Cheers Tersit!

I knew Tersit while growing up. My uncle (her Dad) used to bring her along with her sister Fantu, our cousin Yewerekweha and her brother Dereje. Tersit was always cheerful, direct (spoke her mind), peaceful, articulate bright, caring, independent, joyful, lovable, loved her family and friends, and above all she was always there for those who needed her help! My trip home was never complete without a visit to her place or Yewerekweha’s. Her trips to the US and corresponding visit to my siblings and I are treasures we will hold until we too travel the same road.

Yonas on behalf of The Zegeye Family