Stop Land Grab Concert: Washington, DC. Sunday September 21

Stop Land Grab

Stop Land Grab


Those in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia. Please don’t miss “STOP AFRICA LAND GRAB CONCERT” on September 21, 2014 at WARNER THEATER in Washington, D.C. from 6PM to 10PM. Major African Music Artists from 6 countries, including our sister Hanisha Solomon is to Perform Live@Warner Theatre-DC – Washington, DC. Hanisha is a rising-star, an Ethiopian singer and human rights activist who is best known for her distinctive voice and her powerful lyrics that calls for love, unity, justice, equality, freedom and peace.

Here is the link to her new song;list=UU30vbe4tKmcIiOCHKOUqsqg
dedicated to Africans who are suffering.
Here is the link
to one of her song dedicated to the 50th anniversary celebration of the formation of the Organization of African Unity( OAU)
Please show your support by attending the concert or buying a ticket. Tickets are available at the box-office or at the door or at The Warner Theatre’s web site.

The grabbing of fertile land going on in Ethiopia and Africa is not just rhetoric, fear mongering or in one’s imagination; but instead, it is real and happening at a ferocious pace all over Africa. It will change Ethiopia and Africa forever and the major damage may be done. Unless Ethiopians and Africans act quickly to stop this, we will no longer have a country to call our own.
African Land and Natural Resource Grabs Destroy Lives and Futures of Africans. If we, the people of Ethiopia do not quickly take action, Ethiopians and African living on their ancestral land will soon be considered trespassing and the laws of a corrupted land will evict them. Ethiopia and Africa will no longer be owned by Ethiopians, but will be under the control of outsiders and a handful of elite. We will either have to leave the country or become the neo-slaves of the 21st century. This is intolerable and unacceptable.
Why in the world would a government sell off its land and natural resources, much of which will be exported, especially being a beggar nation that feeds many of its people with food grown in foreign countries? It defies common sense, which makes it all the more dangerous. In the SMNE, we cannot be silent during this abusive exploitation and move towards making Ethiopia a slave state. Our family members have been displaced while foreigners are thriving. One can see that what this ethnic-apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF wants is the land and resources but not the people.

Ethiopians, whose ancestors have lived for centuries on the same land, are discovering that they no longer have any rights to it. Ethiopians, especially the most marginalized, are at risk of being evicted from their ancestral lands as it is being leased for almost nothing—and for many decades—to Ethiopian-owned and foreign-owned multi-national corporations, countries, banks and wealthy individuals. Businesses or investments owned by the ruling party, their family members and their supporting friends, both Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians, are capitalizing on this new opportunity to exploit new money-making schemes, only available to political and financial supporters of the Marxist-Leninist leaning Ethiopian government that still prohibits its own citizens from owning land.

This betrayal of the Ethiopian people is being carried out by a greedy, ethnic-apartheid group at the top, willing to exercise its military brute strength to get its way; on the other hand, the way it is being executed reveals the desperation of a tottering regime, willing to go to any means to get the necessary hard currency needed to better shore up their loosening control of the country. This is a legitimate concern on their part due to the increasing anger of the people; yet, these actions are simply fueling more anger that will require more force and money to contain.