Ethiopia to scapegoat Samayawi Party & local Muslims for ISIS killings

According to Aigaforum, a website-closely affiliated with Ethiopia’s spy services, a crackdown on local opposition forces will be launched soon.  It will likely target the popular Samayawi Party and local Muslim populations under the guise of fighting terrorism and avenging the brutal killing of Ethiopian nationals by ISIS.

In an April 27, 2015 article entitled  “Update on ISIL Killings of Innocent Ethiopians and Current Events,”  Aigaforum predicts a serious crackdown is about to take place.  “According to our reliable source Ethiopia is preparing to take a significant action against those forces who collaborated in this heinous crime in the near future. Our source told us that it is a matter of choosing the right time! ”

According to Aigaforum, the crackdown will target “those political organization(s)that have one way or the other helped extremist in the Diaspora to cause disturbance and mayhem in the name of the killings.”

Aigaforum conveniently fails to mention that young Ethiopians who lost their lives in Libya, South Africa, Yemen and the Mediterranean are running away from a brutal dictatorship that has denied them freedom and employment opportunities.

It is not clear if the crackdown will take before or after the upcoming elections.