Teddy Fikre vs Barack Obama lawsuit filed

Teddy FikreOn Wednesday, April 22nd, Theodore (Teddy) Fikre filed a formal lawsuit in the Greenville Civil Courthouse against the Barack Hussein Obama, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and Wells Fargo for an incident that took place on February 26th whereby Mr. Fikre was locked up against his will by a process called a Temporary Detention Order.

Mr. Fikre beat the charges six days later and the case was dismissed out of hand by the Commonwealth Judge Advocate and an agreement was drafted by Theodore Fikre’s family in which his family stated that Mr. Fikre was in his right mind and the Commonwealth of Virginia, who represented the party that initiated the Temporary Detention Order, effectively signed off on this fact.

Mr. Fikre alleges that ever since he gained his freedom, for 6 weeks after being released from Dominion Hospital, he has been the victim of unending human rights abuse by the government.

Mr. Fikre also alleges that his wife has been the subject of endless abuses as well, including but not limited to having an NYPD officer sent to her work to convince her to leave Mr. Fikre, her Facebook account being hacked multiple times, and there are other damning evidence that will come out during the discovery phase.

The lawsuit has been filed and it is currently being processed, the case number is 2015-CP-23-02692 in the Greenville Civil Court House.

For more information, contact Theodore Fikre at [email protected]