Republunatics at the Debate (Gate)?


“When I hear a man preach, I like to see him act as if he were fighting bees,” said Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President of the United States.

At the first Republican presidential hopefuls debate on August 6, 2015, we witnessed angry wasps at war. (I did not say WASPs.)

“What a piece of work is a man!”, exclaimed Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Donald Trump, (I did not say Chump), the leader of the pack, is a piece of work totally out of control.

Trump rattled verbal sabers against Iran, China and Russia.

He promised to incinerate Obama Care along with the nuclear arms deal with Iran.

He promised to mud-wrestle and mudsling anyone, anytime, anyplace.

He tried to mud-wrestle Megyn Kelly, one of the debate moderators, at the debate on TV and on twitter.

“The Donald” the twit twitted that “Megyn Kelly is a bimbo.”

That must be a “complement” to Megyn because Trump calls other women “fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals,” including Rosie O’Donnel.

In a post-debate CNN interview, Trump said of Kelly, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”

Trump refused to apologize. “Only a deviant would think I was saying anything about blood somewhere other than her eyes or her nose.”

Trump, le freak, the new Republican’s c’est chic!

What a shame for the Republicans to have a buffoon as front runner!

Megyn Kelly, like George Bernard Shaw, must have learned early in her career not to wrestle with a pig. Shaw said, “Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty and the pig likes it.”

Trump likes it!

I believe behind every great man is a great woman.

Who is the poor great woman behind such a big little man?

I wonder sometimes if Trump is a man or a Tasmanian devil?

“Taz” Trump grunts, growls, rasps and spins like a vortex on twitter, CNN and Fox  and bites just about anything.

A couple of months ago Trump bragged about how he personally whipped China’s behind: “When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time.”

(BTW, where do they manufacture all of those expensive Trump ties, shirts, tie clips and cuff links?     

Are they “Made in China” or did Trump outsource them to be “Made in China city,  Jefferson County, Texas”?)

(Haven’t  4 businesses bearing the name Donald Trump declared bankruptcy since 1991?)

“The Donald” promised to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border to stop “illegal immigrants.” He declared, “many killings, murders, crime, drugs pouring across the border, are money going out and the drugs coming in. And I said we need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly.”

He did not say if  his wall will look like the Berlin Wall or the Great Wall of China.

Trump could spare China a few beatings in exchange for engineering advice on the Great Wall of Trump.

I can imagine the inscription on the Trump Towers ( I mean the “Statute of Trump”):

With roaring lips.  “Keep your criminals, murderers, rapists, drug dealers and other low lives right where they are”,
Your tired, your poor and huddled masses can breathe free somewhere else,
Keep the wretched refuse of your teeming shore on your wretched teeming shore.
Keep your homeless and tempest-tost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a rudderless ship,
The golden door is shut! You can’t come in!

If he becomes president, Trump-onomics will save America from bankruptcy (whatever is left of the 18 trillion national debt today).

Lindsey Graham said, “Donald Trump is an out-of-control car driving through a crowd of Republicans, and somebody needs to get him out of the car. I just don’t see a pathway forward for us in 2016 to win the White House if we don’t decisively deal with this.”

It seems to me like Trump is taking a bush machete to a crowd of Republicans.

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