Meles forms think tank to teach his troops how to be nice

The Woyanne regime in Ethiopia has made an agreement with a retired British colonel to study better ways of training Woyanne thugs (death squads) to control riots. The study was done by Colonel Michael Dewar, who is a former Deputy Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and defense expert.

The colonel’s riot control expertise comes from his several tours of duty in Northern Ireland where the British had long experience in suppressing the civilian population by crackdowns on public meetings, parades, home searches, street harassment and detentions of IRA suspects for prolonged periods.

Dewar’s report says that the riot control troops in the country “at present spend most of their time waiting for riots to happen.” Colonel Dewar organized a think tank that met regularly at the Ethiopian Embassy in London. See Teferra Waluwa’s letter and Col. Dewar’s report here.