Urgent call for Ethiopian professionals

From the Petition Coordinating Committee

The Committee calls on academics, scholars, scientists, and professionals of Ethiopian origin to sign the petition posted on Petitionbuzz.com to express their solidarity with peaceful demonstrators and protestors in Ethiopia. The purpose of the petition is also to bring our Ethiopian compatriots’ demand for peace, justice, and respect for human and democratic rights to the attention of the United Nations Secretary-General. A copy of the petition, with appropriate modification such as the name of the addressee, will also be submitted to the European Union Parliament, the European Union Commission for Human Rights, and to the United States President.

We ask you to express your support and solidarity with the people of Ethiopia by clicking the above link and entering your full name, professional title such as Ph.D., J.D., M.D., Post-graduate fellow either before or after your name, your email address, and your institutional affiliation. Please enter your institutional affiliation in the Location Box.

Please know that any signature that does not meet the basic requirements will be deleted from the record.

We sincerely appreciate you support.

To sign the petition, please click the following link: petitionbuzz.com

Petition Coordinating Committee