Court set date for Teddy verdict

By Muluken Yewondwossen, Capital

The Federal High Court, 8th Criminal Bench adjourned the case of Tewodros Kassahun a.k.a ‘Teddy Afro’ until Monday November 3, 2008 for a final verdict.

After his lawyer Million Assefa completed presenting witnesses and documents in evidence to explain Teddy’s innocence of the charge of hit and run, on October 16, 2008 the Court also heard other witnesses and documentary evidence.

On the day’s session 4 witnesses appeared with two giving testimony including 14th witness Dr. Lasperto Moya, from Minilik II Hospital, who appeared again after the objection of the prosecutor over the translator’s accuracy on last week session. The witness is Cuban. The Court ruled to bring another translator for Thursday trial. Lasperto was present with another translator from the Cuban Embassy. The 14th witness was presented as the prosecution’s witness. Of the three other witnesses only Constable Kebede Weyese gave testimony, also presented as the prosecutor’s witness. The other two witnesses did not give testimonials.

Teddy was jailed six and half months ago after being charged with a hit and run.
He was first detained briefly in November 2006, when the incident occurred and released on 50,000 birr bail, before being apprehended by the police again and taken to Kaliti prison facility, 25kms east of Addis Ababa.