Somali Prime Minister says Woyanne is causing problems


NAIROBI, KENYA – Somali Prime Minister Nur Hasan Hussein (Nur Adde) has told some Somali MPs that the Ethiopian government Woyanne was causing trouble for the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG)

The prime minister issued this remarks following a meeting with the foreign ministers of IGAD (Inter-Governmental Authority for development) chaired by Ethiopia TPLF.

The premier did not explain the Ethiopian Woyanne’s plans and the way they are causing problem between (leaders) of the TFG, but he said will use the parliament to face this issue.

The MPs who received the information from Nur Adde told Mareeg website that the premier appeared to have been discouraged by the meeting between the TFG and IGAD foreign ministers.

Reports also indicate that the premier held a meeting with his advisers over Ethiopian Woyanne’s plans but Mareeg did not get the details of what was discussed in the meeting.

According to informed sources, Ethiopia Woyanne accused some of the leaders of the TFG of violating the interim Charter and being against restoration of peace in Somalia.

Any way, the issues that will be discussed in the summit are not clear and no body can guess its outcome, but it seems that it touched some very sensitive issues