Zimbabwe’s $28 quadrillion is worth U.S. $1

Zimbabwe’s economy has all but collapsed, leaving it’s currency worth far less than the paper it’s printed on. The hyperinflation is now estimated at over a quintillion percent, although no one really knows.

Most Zimbabweans are switching to barter and the Zim dollar is virtually useless. The South African rand and the US dollar are now the most common forms of currency. For the many who are unable to access forex, this means they will be unable to survive. Purses and wallets have become redundant; people are now using shopping bags, suitcases, sacks and other large containers to carry cash.

Bank tellers are hidden from view by huge piles of the increasingly worthless currency. Nearly all businesses have stopped accepting cheques for payment – creating an absolute nightmare for everyone, because of the absurd cash withdrawal limits at the banks.

All these because one 80-year-old one greedy dictator and his parasite cronies what to loot the country a few more years. Meles Zenawi & Co. are doing the same thing to Ethiopia.