Unseasonable rain damages year’s harvest in Ethiopia

By Tamiru L. Obole |Jimma Times

NORTH SHEWA – The unseasonable rain of last September, October and early November has damaged much of the harvest in the rural part of North Shewa of Oromya and Amhara regional states.

Leguminous plants, teff and wheat have already started germinating in their cases on farms.

“We received much of these crop varieties from aid organizations and the government as part of the scheme to be returned this year right after harvest,” said farmer Getachew at Mescha kebele of North Shewa, Amahra regional state.

However, the farmers could not have a harvest for themselves leave alone the return of those seeds. This has threatened the livelihood of the farmers and their families in Oromia and Amhara regions. For the years to come, these farmers will probably need seed and food aid.

International reports have shown that more than 14 million people need food aid, but the Ethiopian government says the figure is only 4.5 million.