Al Amoudi lawyer threatens Ethiopian Review

Ethiopian/Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi is unleashing his lawyers at Ethiopian Review. He has the audacity to threaten ER with a lawsuit for associating him with Meles Zenawi’s terrorist regime.

Dear Attorney David H. Bamberger,

Do you want to know how Meles terrorizes my people? Please click here and see. Do you want to know how your client, Al Amoudi, is a close ally of this terrorist regime? Please click here and see for yourself–Al Amoudi wearing EPRDF t-shirt to express his solidarity with the terrorist thugs. Please read this, too. As one of the main financiers of the Woyanne terrorist regime, Al Amoudi should be tried in an international war crimes tribunal along with his buddies Meles, Bereket, Addisu, et al. I suggest that you start preparing to represent him at that trial.

1200 19th Street NW
Washington DC 20036
202 861 3900

Mr Elias Kifle
Publisher, Ethiopian Review
PO Box 1153
Annandale VA 22003

Re: April 27, 2007 On-Line Article Entitled “ONLF said the Chinese were caught in a crossfire with Woyanne soldiers”

Dear Mr. Kifle:

This firm represents Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi.

We are writing to you regarding the content of your article entitled “ONLF said the Chinese were caught in a crossfire with Woyanne soldiers,” appearing on-line in the April 27, 2007 edition of Ethiopian Review. Your article refers to a certain incident in which more than 70 people, including 8 Chinese workers, were killed in a raid on an oil field in Ethiopia, and then the article contains the following statement: “ONLF and OLF might also want to consider carrying out similar operations on Al Amoudi’s gold mines that are cash cows for the Woyanne terrorist regime.” The article then urges the readers to “do it” in a retribution for various actions attributed to Woyanne soldiers.

The suggestion that profits from our client’s gold mine in Ethiopia are used to support terrorism is a highly inflammatory, false and, in our view, defamatory statement. Moreover, the suggestion in your article that acts of violence should be carried out on innocent workers at our client’s mine is simply outrageous. If you have evidence to support the quoted statement referenced above, we expect that you will provide it to us at once for examination. Otherwise, we expect that Ethiopian Review will immediately correct the situation by publishing a formal statement disclaiming the accuracy of this serious allegation and apologize to Mr. Al Amoudi.

If you are represented by counsel, please have your counsel contact us immediately to discuss this very serious matter. If you are not represented, you may contact us directly to confirm arrangements for the retraction and apology.


David H. Bamberger