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Ethiopia: Rise of the Blue Cheetahs!

Blue Party Ethiopia10


Just feeling proud and blue all over

“Everyday, everyday I have the blues” sang B.B. King on his faithful guitar Lucille. Everyday, everyday for the last eight years I’ve had the blues, the “193/763 Blues”. “Ain’t gonna stop until the …

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Ethiopia: Rise of the Chee-Hippo Generation

The Silent World of Hippos on Planet Cheetah

In my first weekly commentary of the new year, I “proclaimed” 2013 “Year of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation” (young people). I also promised to reach, teach and preach to Ethiopia’s youth this year …

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Speaking Truth On Behalf of Ethiopia’s Youth

Alemayehu G. Mariam

Note: This is my fourth commentary on the theme, “Where do we go from here?” following the rigged elections in Ethiopia last month in which the ruling dictatorship won by 99.6 percent[1]. In this piece, I express

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