No ordinary enemy

By Yilma Bekele

The discussion is centered on the word ‘enemy’. It is not a simple word. Once a certain person or group has been …

UEDF proposes a new strategy

United Ethiopian Democracy Forces (UEDF) evaluates its performance and proposes a new strategy in a 7-page statement it released today. Click here to read [Amharic, …

Fake revenue reports

EDITOR’S NOTE: When it comes to Africa, news agencies like Reuters do not question reports provided to them by the corrupt governments. Revenue from coffee

Addis Ababa in pictures

Addis Ababa

The air is thick with pollution and the spicy sweet smell of eucalyptus wood smoke. You’re as likely to see a sophisticated professional …

We’ve met the enemy!

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Lately, there has been talk about “The Enemy.” Some say, the woyane regime of Zenawi is “The Enemy.” Others say it …