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Woyane’s Desperate Measures: Genocide, Deceit and Divide-and-Conquer

Confronted with fiercely determined resistance from all corners of Ethiopia, the Woyane regime has desperately resorted to its notorious and contemptible tactics of divide-and-concur, genocide, and sinister power-sharing scam to abort a budding insurrection. Ethiopians in the Diaspora, …

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Eskinder’s Wail from the Gulag irks ‘Tyrants on the Throne’

At a time when patriotic Ethiopians like Eskinder Nega are languishing in Gulag-style prisons for exercising their rights to express their opinions, those of us living beyond Woyane’s reach are blessed with the freedom to read books that stimulate the …

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Woyanne’s Anti-Ethiopianism and the Italo-Ethiopian War

The history of Ethiopia is replete with contradictions and paradoxes. There are accounts galore of heroism and meekness, patriotism and treachery, devotion and apathy, and, above all, fear of God and acts of brutality in that ancient country. These chronicles …

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